Information about the breed

The American Bulldog finds his origin from the old Mastiff-like dogs, that have spread all over the world due to their versitility such as guard-dog, war-dog etc. The Bulldogs were kept in England by butchers and cattle-farmers as guard-dog and to herd the cattle.

Because of their strenght, courage and attitude towards cattle, the "Bull-baiting" was created (the Bulldog bites into the bull and doesn't let go).

This method was first used by butchers, allowing them to slaughter the cattle, whilst the Bulldog held it down. Later on this became a popular sport.

When the sport was banned from England, which caused the Bulldog to lose it's popularity, farmers emigrated to America, took the Bulldogs with them as working dogs.

The ones that remained in England were cross-bred with the Pug, to create a more friendly dog used as a companion and a show-dog. That's how they became a caricature of the dogs they once were.

Because the breed wasn't used for shows in America and because they lost their use as a working dog due to mechanisation, the breed almost became extinct. But thanks to a few breeders that registered the dogs and set up special breeding programmes with dogs complying to the Bulldog standards, extinction was avoided.

From these breeding programmes, two types of Bulldog were created.

* Johnson, or Classic type: short square snout and a broad body

* Scott, or Standart type: longer snout and an athletic body

Now, years later, the American Bulldog is used for a number of purposes, for instance as a companion, guard-dog, sheppard, hunting-dog, show-dog and competing in weight-pulling contests and even as a rescue-dog. The race still has its working thrive and is self confident and reasonable dominant.

The American Bulldog is a dog that won't attack another dog, but won't avoid a confrontation when started by another dog. The American Bulldog is a true friend for adults and children, and if the situation occured, he would give his life for his family. Although the dog is a great friend for children, it is NEVER wise to leave a dog (no matter what breed) alone with a child.

The dog will not always accept the (in his eyes anti-social) behaviour of a child and once his patience has been tested to the limit, he will react. For instance: a dog was put to sleep, because he had bitten a child. Later on they found approx. 20 staples in the dogs ear. The only way for a dog to show his disapproval is by using his teeth. As the childs face very often is on the same height as the dog mouth, the damage can be considerable.

But........ for responsible owners, the American Bulldog is a true friend for life.