Do you really want a puppy ?

Puppy’s are very cute and when you see such a little and naughty doggy you’ll immediately think ….…I want a puppy!

But when you think it through, do you still want a puppy? They can mess or wet your carpet, ruin your furniture, whine, bark, they are very very busy and you’ll have to take them for a walk in all kinds of weather. And when you come home after the walk, the puppy makes sure that your settee and floor are covered in sand and hair.
You’ll have to take the puppy to the vets, feed him, take a course, etc.

Puppy's can demolish your house

A dog will keep you company for as long as the dog lives and therefore must get socialized very well. The dog lives amongst people, other kinds of animals, cyclists, music, vacuum cleaners and all sorts of noisy things.
All this is not found in nature, so we must teach the puppy that those ‘people things’ aren’t scary. This learning process already starts in the first week of his life.
We’ll do anything we can to socialize the puppy. But this doesn’t stop the moment you take the puppy home. You have the important job to continue this socializing process. Especially when the order of rank has to be decided and you have to put the puppy in his place.
This costs a lot of your time and your whole family has to be consistent. When a puppy has not been socialized in a good way, there is a chance that you’ll have an anti-social or frightened dog.

You’ll be busy with your dog every day and this for 10-15 years, is that what you really want?

A dog costs money, it already starts when you buy the dog. A puppy at a good breeder will cost you between $ 1000,- and $ 1500,-, it has to get his vaccinations, his worm treatments and off course he has to eat every single day. Also a bench, toys and an obedience course are not for free!

If you have any doubts, maybe it’s a good idea to take a puppy or young dog into your house to take care of when for example the owners are on holiday. This way you’ll get a good idea of what it’s like to have a puppy in your house!

Are you still enthusiastic? Then we wish you a lot of fun with your new housemate!